Outdoor Lighting and Nightscaping

low voltage lightingNew Installations
During the daylight hours, it’s obvious you’ve spent time, effort and expense on the exterior of your home and landscaping. Perhaps you should also consider a low voltage lighting system to enhance these features, as well as the safety concerns for your home, during the nighttime hours.

Low voltage lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular to creatively light trees, gardens, sculptures and shrubbery, as well as water and architectural features using a variety of lighting techniques.

Increase Safety, Security, Value

  • Lighting driveways, pathways and steps helps avoid potential accidents.
  • Illuminate hidden areas and discourage unwanted prowlers.
  • Enhance architectural features and specific landscape areas to maximize curb appeal and increase your property value.

outdoor landscape lighting Expand Living Space, Enhance the Beauty

  • Extend your outdoor activities during the evening hours.
  • Add new outside living and entertaining space after dark.
  • Highlight the outside view from inside your home all year round.

Maintaince and repair services for existing lighting systems
Replace broken and burned bulbs Damaged wiring.